Tu Casa, Inc.'s SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse's Examination) Program seeks to serve and support both child and adult survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. These services are provided by a SANE Nurse, who is a registered nurse with advanced training to provide care and treatment to sexual assault survivors. Tu Casa, Inc. provides SANE exams for individuals of all ages, including children, completely free of cost to the survivor. We will never bill a survivor for seeking help.

Our SANE Program currently houses two contracted SANE nurses and offers several different services, which you can learn more about below. 


Onsite Sexual Assault Nurse’s Examination (SANE)SANE logo

A SANE is a medical examination that victims of sexual assault are eligible to receive within the first 72 hours after an assault. SANEs are meant to gather evidence, such as photos, hair/blood/urine samples, and swabs if appropriate. A colposcope may be used to take photos of any injuries that are a result of the assault, as it will document the slightest trauma, tears, and/or abraisions found anywhere on the body, including the genital area. Though SANEs are available to both children and adults, there are differences in how these services are offered and in survivors' reporting options. 

To learn more about reporting options, click here.

SANES are available to child victims if recommended and referred by Law Enforcement, while SANEs are available to adult survivors if referred by Law Enforcement, another healthcare professional, or through a self-referral by the victim.

Benefits to receiving a SANE are wide-ranging, but often include the receipt of specialized care from a SANE Nurse, accurate evidence collection that may be used to aid in the investigation and/or prosecution of a criminal case, the option to receive emergency contraception, the receipt of profolactive medications to prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), and to connect with an advocate to learn more about your rights!


Onsite Wellness Examinations

A Wellness Exam is a "head-to-toe" medical examination available to child vicitms (or adults with diagnosed cognitive disabilities) of sexual and/or physical abuse. A Wellness Exam may include photographs of abnormal findings, a detailed genital examination when consented to by the survivor, and detailed documentation of all findings. Wellness Exams have more benefits than just evidence collection and documentation, but also includes the ability to build the victim's confidence both physically and mentally. Often after abuse, children are fearful there is something wrong or unhealthy with their body; by meeting with our specialized nurse, children are able to hear directly from a healthcare professional that their bodies are healthy and strong. This reassurance can be a huge piece of the healing journey for survivors. nurse heart stethoscope 1


Onsite Advanced Forensic Nurse's Examination (AFNE)

An AFNE is a medical examination available to survivors of domestic violence, child abuse, and strangulation. Similar to a SANE, an AFNE includes a detailed assessment, forensic collection, photography of injuries, and referrals to other appropriate healthcare providers. Receiving an AFNE may help strengthen a law enforcement criminal case if a client is partcipating in the pursuit of justice through the criminal legal system. 

These examinations are free of cost and available to anyone if referred by Law Enforcement or through a self-referral by an adult (18+) victim.