Feb 06 2024

Welcome to Tu Casa, Inc.'s Blog!

By: Megan Lang - Tu Casa Program Director/SART Coordinator

Welcome to the new Tu Casa, Inc. Blog! As we’ve started to reflect on the past year, we decided we wanted to create an opportunity for you all to stay connected with us in a more meaningful way. This blog will seek to expand your knowledge on what Tu Casa, Inc. is, who the incredible members of this small, but fierce, team are that keep Tu Casa, Inc. operational, and to share the passion we have about the work we do here to support survivors in the San Luis Valley. 

What is Tu Casa, Inc.?

Tu Casa, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit whose vision is to empower all children and adults to live healthy, violence-free lives. Tu Casa, Inc. is an umbrella agency that has 4 different programs, which each serve a unique population with unique needs. The Tu Casa Program, not to be confused with Tu Casa, Inc., provides crisis intervention services to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and intimate partner stalking. The Children’s Advocacy Center of the San Luis Valley (SLV CAC) provides crisis services to child survivors of sexual assault, severe physical abuse/neglect, or who have been witness to a crime, as well as to their non-offending care providers. The Tu Casa, Inc. SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) Program provides services to both adults and children who have been victim to a sexual assault or severe physical assault. The Tu Casa, Inc. Education & Outreach Program seeks to engage all members of our community in our prevention work, aimed at reducing the rates of victimization through early education rather than intervention. 

How does Tu Casa, Inc. help? 

We recognize every survivor in the SLV has a unique story and experience. With that unique experience, come unique needs, as well as unique personal strengths. Tu Casa, Inc.’s mission is to support healthy, violence-free lives and relationships for all children and adults in the San Luis Valley by: 

  • providing crisis intervention, shelter services, and  advocacy to victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and their non-offending family members/caregivers.
  • empowering the community to affect sustainable social change through awareness building and prevention education.
  • coordinating professional efforts to respond to interpersonal violence in a victim-centered manner.

How can I support Tu Casa, Inc.? 

There’s several ways you can support Tu Casa, Inc. to help us ensure important services remain available to survivors! Tax-deductible, financial donations made to Tu Casa, Inc. are always appreciated! These donations can be made via Colorado Gives, Venmo, Paypal, or in person via cash or check. If money is tight right now but you still want to support Tu Casa, Inc., try volunteering with us! Tu Casa, Inc. thrives because of our volunteers, and we’re so grateful for them! You can volunteer to be on the board, to help with fundraising, events, or volunteer with our hotline and provide emergency assistance and support to survivors. For more information on volunteering, connect with either SLV CAC Program Director, Shelly Martinez, or Tu Casa Program Program Director, Megan Lang, at 719-589-2465. 

How can I stay connected with Tu Casa, Inc.? 

One of the main goals for the creation of this blog was to create a meaningful way in which Tu Casa, Inc.’s supporters, donors, and community could stay connected with us, so we’re hoping you choose to tune in every other week for our biweekly blog posts! You can also stay connected with Tu Casa, Inc. by checking out our webpage at www.slvtucasa.net or by following our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. 

We’re hopeful this blog series will be a space where you can get to know Tu Casa, Inc., our staff, and our passions. We’re also helpful this blog creates the space for Tu Casa, Inc. to get to know you a little bit more! Thanks for choosing to join us on this journey to support survivors in our community. 

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