The best way to deal with domestic violence is to prevent it from occurring at all.  Through public awareness and knowledge, we can tell  our community, our children and potential victims and abusive spouses/partners that violence is a crime. By teaching our children and adults the skills to have and maintain healthy relationships and holding offenders accountable, we can end the cycle of violence. 

  • Schools have an important role in prevention education.  Children can be taught to control violent behavior through techniques such as time-outs or by communication skills.
  • The media also has a powerful influence.  News stories, public interest announcements, documentaries, and television movies make the public aware of domestic violence and that help is available.  However, the media industry must also strive to avoid shows that may lead to further violence.
  • Arrest of the abuser is one of the best deterrents.  It gets the man’s attention and gives the clear message that spouse abuse is not his right and is not accepted  by society.

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