Education & Outreach Prevention Education

"Domestic and sexual violence prevention isn't just the absence of violence. It's also giving youth the opportunity to practice skills for creating healthy relationships." â€“Colorado Public Health and Environment


In 2023, Tu Casa, Inc. reimplemented an Education & Outreach Program, and we couldn't be more thrilled about it! We love to connect with our community, and we realize a key component of the work we do, lies in prevention work! As part of our Education & Outreach Program, Tu Casa, Inc. provides the following services: 

Outreach Events

To connect with our community, Tu Casa, Inc. hosts several Outreach Events each year. These events are free and open to the public, with the intention of increasing community awareness and understanding nas a primary method of prevention education. Outreach events can often be found scheduled in April, as it's both Sexual Assault Awareness Month & Child Abuse Prevention Month, and October, as it's Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Each year, Tu Casa, Inc.'s Outreach Eventsgrow in number, as we continue to engage our community as a collaborative partner in our prevention work. Follow our social media accounts on Facebook & Instagram to stay up to date with our upcoming Outreach Events.

Healthy Relationship Classes

Since the start of 2023, Tu Casa, Inc. Education & Outreach Coordinator, Tiffany Martinez, and Youth Representative, Chenoa Candy, have worked diligently with the school districts throughout the San Luis Valley to extend Tu Casa, Inc.'s Outreach Program and services to middle school and highschool students. Currenly our Education & Outreach Program has presented or arranged to present "Healthy Relationship" Classes to 6 local schools. Tu Casa, Inc. also offered these Healthy Relationship classes to a small group of students in Monte Vista over the summer thanks to special grant funding from LOR. 

Tu Casa, Inc.'s Healthy Relationship classes include educational informational on how to foster awareness of emotions, build effective communication skills, and emphasize the importance of boundaries and consent within teen dating relationships and interpersonal friendships. Students learn to recognize and 

navigate healthy relationships through discussions on family dynamics, dating practices, and digital interactions. Engaging activities, including role-playing and group discussions, facilitate practical application of these concepts. Regular check-ins throughout lessons provide a supportive environment for ongoing discussions, allowing students time and space to reflect on their values and goals in cultivating positive connections.


Community Presentations

Tu Casa, Inc. Staff is available to provide educational presentations to any group in our community interested in learning more about domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, stalking, child sexual or physical abuse, or Tu Casa, Inc. services. Tu Casa, Inc. is also able to customize trainings and presentations to specific professional or community groups if so desired. A full list of our available trainings is currently being updated, but will be added to this page shortly. 



To request more information on any of these services or to request a training, please contact Education & Outreach Coordinator, Tiffany Martinez, by calling (719) 589-2465.