Q: What should I expect when I visit the SLV CAC?

A: When you arrived at the SLV CAC you will be greeted by the Family Advocate and introductions will be made.  The Family Advocate will explain the interview process to you. Your child and you will be introduced to the Forensic Interviewer prior to the interview. Your child will leave with the interviewer to be interviewed.  Parents/caregivers are not allowed in the interview room with the child or to observe the interview. During the interview your child will be given coloring materials and play-dough to play with. While your child is being interviewed, you will sit with the Family Advocate who will there to gather basic information, but most of all to support you. You will have an opportunity to meet with the investigative Multi-disciplinary team after the interview to ask questions and get a basic understanding of what to expect next. Before you leave, you will be given a survey to complete about the services provided to you and your child by the SLV CAC.  You will be given a paper version or you can go on-line and complete it - click here. 

Q: How long does a forensic interview take?

A: You will be waiting long enough to allow the interviewer to gather the information needed and answer all of the questions our partnering agencies have concerning the allegations.  Most visits last from an hour and a half to two hours.  It depends on the child and their needs.

Q: What should I expect after the interview?

A: Depending on what your child disclosed during the interview you will be told what steps to take next or whether or not to expect any further contact from law enforcement or the Department of Human/Social Services.

Q: How do I prepare my child for the interview?



  • Be sure the child gets plenty of rest before the interview.
  • Tell your child they will be visiting a building where the room is set up like a family room.
  • Give your child permission to talk with the interviewers.
  • Tell your child they are in a safe place to tell what happened.
  • Tell your child that the person they will talk to is a person who talks to kids every day.
  • Tell them to try and remain calm.
  • Tell your child that you will be in the same building during the interview, that you will not be leaving the building.  
  • Consider bringing an item that comforts your child, for example a favorite blanket or toy.


  • Tell your child what to say.
  • Promise your child treats or rewards for talking.
  • Try to answer questions you don’t have answers for.
  • Try to interview your child yourself.